About us

The foundation
After Sjaak van Gelderen has worked many years for successful
creameries in Germany and gained experience, he founded his
own company "Van Gelderen Zuivel"  in 1997.

The beginning
In the first years "Van Gelderen Zuivel“ soled only foreign products,
like yoghurt and cheese but was driven by the thought  to one day
develop his own product and distribute it.

The time has come in the year 2000
"Van Gelderen Zuivel" presented his first own brand yoghurt:
Minos 10% fat.
A yoghurt made after the original Greek recipe and with very good
flavor characteristics. In the next years Minos Walnoot-ÉHoning,
Minos 0% fat and the Minos feta cheese followed – and the
development of new Minos products progressed.

Minos Feta
Minos of feta cheese is made with fresh, distinctive flavor of Greece from sheep and goats milk.
Available in variousdfsfsd pack sizes are the Minos feta for Mediterranean dishes and salads in a piece or diced.

Minos farmers organic feta
With the farmers organic feta cheese, organic cheese from organic sheep milk, cheese was developed for connoisseurs.

Why Minos?
In the Greek mythology Minos is the king of Kreta
(a son of Zeus and Europe).
"The same applies for the yoghurt. It strives on,
to become a king of milk products"